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in his defense, that candle does look pretty tasty!


That's what I thought- the first bite. No excuse for the second!


the candle does look tasty, I love that he bites things now LOL, my 3 year old bites her nails if that's of any consolation! How odd the old lady smoking and possibly drinking. Suppose if you get your grandkids dumped on you every day ....(probably the case?)

my 3 year olds favorite food is ikura too. Always steals it from her dad and also doesn't like to have her "own".


Yeah, I try not to judge smoking parents/grandparents too harshly. I do hope she wasn't actually drunk, but who knows. You're right, Japanese grandparents often take on a lot of childcare and it can't be easy. I figured that whatever the family's story, at least those kids get plenty of time at the park. Oh, and I recently found out that ikura is a good source of vitamin D, so I think I'll encourage him to eat it.


I finally stumbled on your blog again after several years, and I'm amazed at the changes in your life! The last time I was here it was mostly a food blog, and you weren't even pregnant let alone with a 3 year old child. Congratulations! Time really flies, doesn't it. Your son is adorable and looks like he'll grow up to be quite the heart-breaker. I think he's quite lucky to have a mother who can teach him how to appreciate good food. I wish you and your cute family all the best! :)


Happy birthday, Shuma-kun!

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